The Song Pharaoh’s Coda


Map 1: The Tomb

For convenience, I have included PDFs of the map for use as GM references. These are scaled to print out on a single 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper, and contain the labels from the adventure. There is one version in color, and another version in black and white. The B&W version has been slightly lightened to print clearly on a B&W printer.

I have supplied unfurnished variants of the tomb, in which the sarcophagus, braziers, and solar barge have been removed. Feel free to repurpose the map for other adventures.

The map is closely patterned after the real-world tomb of Nefertari, favorite wife of Rameses II (19th dynasty).

Map 2: The Solar Barge

There did not seem to be much point in including a GM reference for this map. Note that there is a gap at the edge of the deck where you can see downwards into the hold below. The deck panels are removable to allow access to the hold.

The map is closely modeled after the barge unearthed outside the Great Pyramid of Khufu (4th dynasty).


Both maps are presented in five-foot squares. Each square of a “Full Size” map is 100 pixels across. If you wish to use these in virtual tabletop software, set your grid to that size. Since Roll20 defaults to 70 pixels to the square, I have supplied versions at that resolution also.


If you wish to print these maps for tabletop use, use a Full Size file and tell the print shop to print it at 100 DPI. This should result in a map in which each square is one inch across. The overall map dimensions are 24x36 inches (2x3 feet) for both.

Attributions & License

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